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Welcome to Tom Ashworth’s Prospctors Cache

Welcome to Tom Ashworth’s Prospectors Cache.  This page is where I blog about my hobbies and was first started back in 1994.  I believe this was the first site about gold mining on the internet.  I love gold mining, treasure hunting, rock hounding, playing pool, searching for fossils and hunting for old stuff.   I will be adding information in an ongoing effort to improve information on the world wide web concerning gold mining, metal detecting and treasure hunting. If you want to learn all the ropes on using that metal detector, gold dredge or other treasure hunting tools, check out our FORUM

Gold Nugget Found on Klamath River

Gold Mining

Gold mining has always been a passion for me.  It led to me searching for buried treasure, rockhounding ghost town exploration and much more.  Read my latest information on gold and find a place to search for gold near you. 

Pool or Billiard Balls

Pool and Billiards

I am an amatuer pool player that has always loved a good game with my opponents   I started writing about pool in an effort to help me become a better player.

Gold Prospecting
Refining Gold and Silver
Treasure Hunting

I am not and expert?

I am just a person that loves my hobbies!

I have also been prospecting for gold, treasue hunting and playing pool for over 50 years.  I am getting old now and wanted to share some of my knowledge.

I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to message me anytime.

Tom Ashworth