You Must Be This Tall to Ride

You Must Be This Tall To Ride

You Must Be This Tall To Ride

I bet you never would have guessed how similar buying a home and an amusement park were…

Unfortunately, it is not the fun parts that are similar. Do you remember the rides that you waited in line for hours for and then realized that you weren’t quite tall enough to ride? The annoyingly happy man with his finger pointing just an inch above your head – even though you had already spent all that time in line!

When buying a home – the same kind of disappointment and embarrassment is possible. Some buyers go through the entire process of finding the house with everything they want and need and get the terms settled – and then find out that they don’t have the proper financials to continue with the purchase.

To avoid this terrible experience, make sure you visit a professional that can help you in making sure your finances are in order before making that offer. This process allows buyers to get their credit rating as well as see any problems with their credit that need to be corrected, both of which can affect mortgage rates. You may also qualify for pre-approval, which can make the entire real estate transaction much easier for the buyer and the seller.

You don’t want to have to relive that terrible childhood experience when you’re trying to get your dream home. Contact Tom Ashworth at (208) 830-7991 for help contacting a trusted mortgage professional.

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