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When is your home shown?

Is your home shown?

When is your home Shown?Homeowners usually believe that a home is properly “shown” only when the prospective buyer comes to the house with an agent. Therefore homeowners frequently call their agent is with regards to their listing’s inactivity due to lack of showing.

Buyer’s today are much more informed than in the past primarily due to wealth of information available to them on the internet. There are endless sites on net about home sales, virtual tours and value estimation. There are also detailed mapping sites with images of traffic conditions, shopping malls, entertainment and other points of interest.

There are only three types of property showings that can be considered legitimate:

  1. The buyer can view the house on sale on the internet and make an informed decision whether it suits their needs or not.
  2. The buyer may drive by a home and check out the neighborhood and decide whether it suits their needs. They may also decide whether or not to inspect any further.
  3. The buyer can physically show up at the home and closely scrutinize the place; however this usually happens when the prospective buyer has already done preliminary checks.

The seller must therefore understand that times have changed and so have the methods of showing and inspecting houses. The Realtor’s job is to get the buyer the right home and the listing agent’s job is to market the house to the buyer or their agent’s. The methods of interaction have changed due to changes in technology and the seller should realize that just because someone has not come to their home, it does not mean that the house has not been shown.

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