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Tom Ashworth’s Blog / Vlog

NOTE FROM TOM ASHWORTH:  I just started moving content to this site and it’s links on March 5, 2018.  Expecting to have content by end of June!  Watch video for more information.

If you are like me, you probably have several things you like to do. I have so many pages that were hard to maintain, so I decided in 2018 I would use this site to link to and maintain all of my hobbies and interest.

My wife Debra and I are Realtors in the  Texas Hill Country.  We really enjoy helping people find their dream home.  So I have a Real Estate Page that has Blogs, Vlogs, Real Estate Listings in the Texas Hill Country and more.

I also love playing pool and decided to write how-to blogs and do video vlogs to help people learn how to play the game I have loved for over 40 years.

The original site was started in 1996 as one of the first gold prospecting and treasure hunting sites on the internet.  The site title was “Tom Ashworth’s Prospectors Cache“.  The site was very popular and I sold it to Mike Higbee of Armadillo Mining in Grants Pass, OR.    The reason I sold it was becuase I got burnt out and was running several businesses at that time.  Well Mike has recently sold me the domain name back and I will be adding lots of the old content back to that site on the Prospecting link.   I have also added a seperate Treasure Hunting link.  Both will contain lots of information as I get time to add to it.