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Gold Mining has not been important to Maine’s economy, but it is found in many streams and bench gravels in the state. The most promising regions appear to be adjacent to the valleys of the Chaudiere and Riviere-du-Loup in the eastern townships of Quebec.

Reported by: MadJack Duggins

The Maine Department of Conservation, Land Use Regulation Commission
(LURC), Has initiated a rule change here in Maine this year, 1999. After
extensive work by many people in the northeast, LURC has made and passed
recommendations to allow sluicing as a use NOT requiring a permit in their jurisdiction. Also, they will be changing “Recreational Dredging” (under 4″) as a use without a permit, sometime this year!

This means if you are going to be dredging in northern Maine, you will
need a permit this summer. Next year however, should be PERMIT FREE!

If you have any questions, you may contact the Maine Gold Diggers (GPAA group)or the Maine Dept. of Conservation at 1-800-452-8711.

As for southern Maine, You may PAN, SLUICE, or DREDGE any place you have obtained landowner permission, as this is within the jurisdiction of the Maine Dept of Environmental Protection.


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