North Carolina

North Carolina

Chatham County North Carolina

In Chatham County North Carolina there are a few treasure and gold locations. SUGGESTED PROSPECTING AREAS: Cane Creek – may be a good creek for fine gold. Danelly’s Creek – contains gold.

Catawba County North Carolina

In Catawba County North Carolina, the area around Hoopers Quarry, you can find gold, with calcite, graphite and pyrite. MINES: A. D. Shuford’s Mine – was worked by dragline scraper. It is located 4 1/2 miles slightly southeast from Catawba Station and 6 miles west of Sherrill’s Ford. It was a placer mine. SUGGESTED PROSPECTING …

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Caswell County North Carolina

The Carolina Igneous Belt, in Caswell County North Carolina and parts of the adjoining counties, is the second most important gold mining region of North Carolina. It varies from 15 to 30 mile in width. Within the Caswell County portion, there are very many old workings. All the regional stream gravels contain placer gold. The …

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Caldwell County North Carolina

Around Grandmothers Mountain in Caldwell County North Carolina all streams gravels have been worked for placer gold. Hartland Northwest of Hartland 1.5 miles the adjoining mines of Miller and Scott Hill were major producers in the area. MINES: Baker Mine – is located off the John’s River near the mouth of Wilson’s Creek. It was …

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Cabarrus County North Carolina

In Cabarrus County North Carolina  all the regional streams and bench gravels contain some placer gold. Local inquiry may pay off. MINES: Allen Furr Mine – is located 23 miles east of Charlotte. It was a lode gold mine. Barnhardt Mine – was a lode gold mine. Barringer’s Mine – started as a placer mine …

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Burke County North Carolina

The South Mountain Belt in Burke County North Carolina is one of the most productive gold mining areas of North Carolina. The gold bearing region contains about 300 square miles of land, and panning for gold can be successful in practically all of the streams of this area. MINES Brindleton Placer Mine – is located …

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Alleghaney County North Carolina

I have had some reports of placer gold in Alleghany County North Carolina, but I am not sure of the exact location. If you have some information you would like to share use the Add information to a gold location feature.

Anson County North Carolina

Most of the regional streams in Anson County North Carolina contain placer gold. Ansonville – Fairview In the Ansonville – Fairview area the regional stream gravels contain placer gold. Also there are many old lode gold mines.

Ashe County North Carolina

The best place to start looking for gold in Ashe County North Carolina is in the headwaters of the New River in the south part of the county. Gap Creek Mine The Gap Creek Mine (aka Copper Knob Mine) produced gold as a by product of its copper mining. It is located at Gap Creek …

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