Cook Inlet-Susitna Region Alaska

The Alaska Peninsula bounds this sizable region on the southwest, the Alaska Range on the west and north, and the Talkeetna Mountains on the east. Anchorage District Archangel Creek At the head of Archangel Creek, there are many lode gold mines, so it is reasonable to assume that there may be placer gold in the …

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Copper River Region Alaska

The copper river region includes most of the Copper River drainage in southern Alaska. The Alaska Range borders it to the north and by the Chucach Mountains on the southwest and the Wrangell Mountains on the northeast. Chistochina District Near Gulkana in the northwest part of the Copper River Basin is the Chistochina District. The …

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Northwestern Region Alaska

This large, mostly unpopulated region lies North of the Yukon River Drainage basin and the Seward Peninsula and includes the drainage systems of the Kobuk, Noatak and Alatna rivers, where most of the gold districts are located. Because almost all access is by air, if you are interested in prospecting this region you must be …

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Prince William Sound Region Alaska

Prince William Sound is on the southern coast of Alaska east of the Kenai Peninsula and is mapped on the Valdez and Cordova USGS quadrangles. This is the famed area where the oil tanker “Exxon Valdez” ran aground and caused the worst environmental catastrophe in United States History, by spilling some 10 million gallons of …

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Seward Peninsula Region Alaska

The Seward Peninsula is the westernmost extremity of North America and second only to the Yukon-Tanana region in the production of placer gold, largely from the rich concentrations in the sands of the Bearing Sea beaches at Nome. Although gold was discovered as early as 1855, nothing was done about it until 1898, when the …

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Southeastern Region Alaska

The total gold production of the Panhandle region between 1880 and 1959 is recorded as 7,788,514 ounces of gold. Almost all of that came from lode mines. There are way two many lode mines for me too type in on this region, so I will try to list the areas where placer gold can be …

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Southwestern Region Alaska

Aleutian Islands On Unga Island in the shumagin Group, is the location of the Apollo Consolidated Mine. It operated from 1891 until present, with a total production of 107,900 ounces of lode gold with lead, copper and zinc. Bristol Bay Along the upper reaches of the Mulchatna River and its tributaries produces placer gold. Katmai …

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Alaska is a very large state; the easiest way I could think to list it is by region. Although the rest of my page lists the gold locations by county, I think the best way to do this is to list the area. Therefore you will need to know the regions that you are interested …

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