Spicewood, Texas

Barbecue Spicewood Texas

Barbecue Spicewood Texas

The community of Spicewood is located in Burnet County, Texas. It is at the intersection of C.R. 404 and Spur 191. The place had 2000 inhabitants in the year 2000; however, by 2011 the population had grown to 7,666. Spicewood extends towards the Travis County and is accessible via Highway 71. Spicewood is an unincorporated community.

Spicewood has a community center and a schoolhouse that was closed after its merger with the Marble Falls Independent School District. There is also a Church of Christ and a Baptist Church. The rumored occasional favorite café of Willie Nelson, The BJ café, was also located at Spicewood till it shut down in 1990. The building now functions as a motor repair shop and residence.

Geography of Spicewood

The town is located at coordinates 30°28′32″N 98°09′23″W. The State Highway 71 is one mile to the south of the town and Marble Falls is located 9 miles to the northwest of the town. The State capital, Austin is 22 miles to the southeast of the town.

Climate of Spicewood

The area has a humid subtropical climate (Source: Köppen Climate Classification system). The summers are hot and humid while the winters are mild to cool.

History of Spicewood

Spicewood Texas

Spicewood Texas

The settlement was founded in the late nineteenth century.  Many inhabitants claim direct descent from the early setters; however, the land deeds of many residents have their origin in the “script” issued by the Republic of Texas which itself comes from the land grants by Spanish. The place is named after the Spicewood timber that grows in the nearby area. In 1899 a post office was set up 1 mile south of the town at Hollingsworth Corner and James B. Pangle became its first postmaster. The post office was relocated in 2000 and now serves an area of 100 sq. miles covering three counties (Blanco, Burnet and Travis) which has led to many people wrongly believing that they live in “Spicewood proper”.

Spicewood saw an increase in residents as many people left the neighboring communities in the early 1900s and shifted to Spicewood. In 1908 a Baptist Church was set up and in 1919, the Spicewood School became the official school of the locality. In 1920s, Spicewood had around 100 residents which had increased to 125 by 1933. The local businesses flourished after the Farm Road 93 (currently known as State Highway 71) was built though Spicewood in the 1940s. The school in Haynie Flat merged with the Spicewood School District in 1949 and in 1952 Spicewood was brought under the Marble Falls ISD. Spicewood’s population had increased from 200 in 1970 to 2000 by the year 2000.

Although the place is unincorporated, Spicewood has its own post office and a ZIP code (78669).

GTE took over the Spicewood Telephone Exchange in the 1970s and the place is now served by Verizon and other cell phone services.

All the local businesses are located 1 mile to the south, at “Hollingsworth Corner”, the only exception is the Naumann Feed and Ranch Supply which is located 1 mile to the northwest.

Some of the businesses in the area are:

  • A general store that sells gasoline
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Insurance Agency
  • Barbecue Restaurant
  • Boat Service
  • Food stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Used car stores.

Spicewood has four private airports and one of them, the “Austin Air Ranch” is open for public use and has hangar, light maintenance and refueling facilities available with daytime-VFR use only. Other airports (Lakeside Beach, Flying X River Ranch and Fall Creek Air Ranch) have limited access requiring prior permission and have risk disclaimers.

Wildfires hit the area in September, 2011 and as a result over 65 structures were either damaged or lost. 5 subdivisions were affected by the wildfires and most of the houses in those subdivisions were destroyed with 22 homes destroyed in one subdivision alone. The fire affected at least 10 sq. miles (6,400 acres) and took the combined effort of 150 firefighters and 17 state agencies to control.


The students from Spicewood attend schools under the Marble Falls ISD. There is Spicewood Elementary school for young children and Marble Falls Middle and High Schools for older students.

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