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Simple ways to get a good deal on houses

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To get a good deal on houses you have to follow simple steps listed below.

In any formal contractual agreement there is usually very little scope for even basic social courtesies, in fact most of the Business owners expect a kind of mildly hostile or uncivil behaviour on part of the client. However most Homeowners are not regular businessmen and are neither familiar nor appreciative of the ways of the market. These are regular folks who may get offended by an unfavourable remark or criticism of their house; they are also usually uneasy with invasion of privacy which putting a house on sale usually entails.

Therefore simple acts like being courteous and sympathetic can be the difference between a good deal and a bad one.

Here is list of a few simple things you can take care of to getting a good deal:

  1. Punctuality is the key: Bear in mind that the seller may be having important engagements and may have cancelled important work to make time for the appointment, so if by any chance you would be late or would not be able to make in time for the appointment, it is better to cancel the scheduled appointment.
  2. Be courteous and don’t snoop around: Only check the house and relevant fixtures, do not go about looking into their personal stuffs.
  3. Take a note of the defects but do not try to use them for negotiations: The reason for this is simple. The sellers are not professional businessmen and may have sentimental attachment to their home and may become defensive and turn hostile. You might shoot yourself in the foot by trying to get a better deal by listing them the defects of their home.
  4. Do not care about minor things: Try to focus your attention on important criteria’s like locations, floor plan, layout, size etc. and not on irrelevant stuffs that are easily fixable.
  5. Be judicious in your visits: limit the number of times you go to the house till you actually own it. The owner might be inconvenienced and may not like your frequent visits.
  6. Sort out all your issues before signing the contract: Do not expect to be entertained by the seller after the contract has been completed. Once the deal is done you will have to live with it therefore put any issues that you may have in the contract.

Other than these points plain simple common sense will be your guide. The seller is in it to get the maximum for his home and you want to pay the least that is possible, simple acts of courtesy and good behaviour will go a long way in getting you a good deal from the seller.

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