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Utah Gold Map

Utah's Gold Placers

Map of Utah's gold placers.
  1. Abajo Mountains - Along Johnson and Recapture Creeks.
  2. Oquirrh Mountains, Bingham Canyon - Was the largest gold placer in Utah. The original topography has been altered by the open-pit mining operations.
  3. Colorado River - From the mouth of the Dolores River south to the Amasa Back bend west of Moab. Most placers were from the Dirty Devil River south to the Utah-Arizona border and are now under Lake Powell.
  4. Green River - From Flaming Gorge Reservoir down to Horseshoe Bend.
  5. Henry Mountains - On the east flanks of Mt. Ellen in Crescent Creek and Mt. Pennell along Straight Creek.
  6. House Range - In Amasa Valley and Miller Canyon.
  7. La Sal Mountains - In glacial deposits and streams of Miners Basin, Wilson Mesa, Bald Mesa, and around North Mountain.
  8. San Juan River - From the mouth of Montezuma Creek west to Lake Powell.
  9. Tushar Mountains - In Mill Creek on the north flank of Signal Peak and near the mouth of Pine Gulch Creek in Bullion Canyon.

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