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COUNTY:Utah County


Utah County has two major gold producing areas. the east Tintic area has probably produced at least 250,000 ounces of gold, but most records credit that to Juab County. Utah County gold production is usually quoted at 45,000 ounces which was mine in the American Fork District located about five miles southeast of the Cottonwood district. The ore here also contains several other commercial minerals, mainly silver.

American Fork District

The American Fork District is located in the northeast part of the County, in the Wasatch Range about 5 miles south of the Cottonwood District. The total production of this district is around 45,000 ounces of gold. The Miller mine was the chief producer of lead and silver from 1870 to 1936 and had a by product of gold. There are numerous mines, mostly idle since 1880.

Santaquin District

Numerous mines in the area.

Silver Lake District

Many lead - Silver mines with a by product of gold.

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