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by Tom Ashworth


COUNTY:Piute County


Between 1868 and 1959 Piute County produced approximately 240,000 ounces of gold. The gold came mostly from the lode mines in the Tushar Range in the western part of the county. Placer gold was originally discovered in Piute County in Pine Gulch Creek south of Marysvale in 1868, but placer gold has not been significant in Piute County.


Gold can be found in the Marysvale area. If you go southwest of Marysvale by 6 miles, in the Tushar Range, you will be in the Mount Baldy (Ohio) District. This district produced 77,500 ounces of gold between 1868 and 1958. In Pine Gulch the bar and bench gravels contain placer gold. At the Ohio Camp, there were man area mines with minor gold showings, with silver. At the Mount Baldy camp, many area mines and claims contain lode gold. The Deertrail Mine was the principal producer in the area, but was primarily a lead - silver lode with a by product of gold. If you go West by Northwest of Marysvale by 10 miles, in the northwest part of county, you will be in the Gold Mountain (Kimberly) district, with some of the mines in adjoining Sevier County. This district had a total production of 159,000 ounces fo lode gold from 1889-1959. The Annie Laurie Mine was the most productive in the district. The Sevier Mine was second most productive. There are many mines in the district with gold showings.

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