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by Tom Ashworth


COUNTY:Morgan County


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All regional stream and creek gravels and all glacial drifts contain panning gold.

Gold Creek

Along Gold Creek in the gravel bars you can find gold, diamonds, zircons, sapphires and rubies.

Greenhorn Creek

Along Greenhorn Creek, near Wilbur, you can find gold in the creek gravels. All of the other streams near Wilbur also have gold.

Highland Creek

Highland Creek is located 7 miles north by northwest of Martinsville in Johnson County and I am told that the gravel deposits and stream sandbars have gold that can be obtained by panning. Also diamonds have been found

Sycamore Creek

Reported By: Clark Wockner

I have found gold there each time I have went prospecting. The gold is very fine and the best comes out of the gravel in the banks. The bed rock is Shale and is worn smooth so It doesn't hold the gold well. It is a good way to spend an afternoon but you won't get rich.Their are many creeks in Northern Indiana that have fine gold in them. Most do not have good bed rock. The gold is best found in the gravel in the banks. Most of the gravel in the banks has been there for 10 thousand years since the last Glacial period. Many times it is laying on a clay layer or on slick shale. Any place that has gravel will have some gold.

Monroe County

by Andrew Clark

I recommend the book "Gold & Diamonds in Indiana" from the Department of Geology in Bloomington. It cost only $2.00 and gives stream locations in Morgan and Monroe counties. This book is highly recommended for Indiana gold seekers.

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