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COUNTY:Millard County


Millard County is not a big producer of gold and all of its 500 ounces came from placers in the House Range about 45 miles southwest of Delta. Most of the recoreded production was in the depression years although some activity continued until the 1950's. The best areas are in the Amasa Valley and Miller Canyon.

Miller Canyon / House Range

Reported By: Ryan Etherington

The House Range of mountains in the west desert of Utah has a small area where fine placer gold was mined from in the 1930's through the 1960's. The two locations to check are Miller canyon on the southeast end of the range, just north of highway 6 - highway 50, and Amasa Valley just north of Notch Peak. The gold recovered here was very fine and it's source is unknown or unlocated. There is a very small stream in the upper end of Miller Canyon, otherwise water is very scarce. Them Amasa Valley region is where most of the gold was recovered but it is dry most of the year. There was no large scale operations run here as far as I know. The region is very remote and has not seen a lot of activity. There are a lot of untouched areas left to be prospected in the area. The gold is very fine and difficult to recover. I am sure there are no economically rewarding deposits to be found, but there is enough to find and probably some untouched pockets that would make it worthwhile if you happened onto one.

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