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If you find a link that doesn't work please Email me so that I can keep this current. Or if you know of a link that will help others, use the add a link feature at the end of my links. I am trying to keep a well organized, working set of Treasure Hunting and Gold Mining links.

  • Alabama Gold Fields and Prospecting

    The page contains information on basic prospecting as well as a map of the gold producing areas of Alabama.

  • Alaska Mining & Diving Supply

    Alaska's Largest Supplier of Portable Mining Equipment. Check out Steve's Mining Journal, a running diary of one miner's adventures in Alaska.

  • Aussie Gold Prospectors Page

    An Australian gold prospecting page.

  • Basement Chemistry For Prospectors

    This is a site concerned with giving information to the average prospector about using chemicals to get gold without getting hurt.

  • Boom Town And Relic Hunters Of Northeastern Washington

    Retrieving and challenges of treasures from ghost towns of yesteryear.

  • Bureau of Land Management - United States

    Bureau of Land Management Home page for the whole United States. Lots of neat stuff here.

  • Bureau of Land Management - Oregon and Washington State

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages 15.7 million acres of public lands in Oregon and 352,000 acres in Washington. From the forests of western Oregon to the range lands in eastern washington and Oregon, BLM uses a multiple use approach to managing your public lands. BLM manages for wildlife, recreation, timber harvest, livestock grazing, mineral extraction and more.

  • Central Virginia Gold Prospectors

    CVGP is an independent, non-profit group promoting the hobby/recreation of Gold Prospecting in Virginia.

  • Chamber of Mines in South Africa

    South Africa's Mining News. This is a great site for commercial mining information.

  • Colorado Nugget Sales

    Purchase Gold Nuggets, Gold Specimens, Platinum Nuggets, Colorado Diamonds and Silver Medallions on the internet. Steve Rice has been buying and selling Gold Nuggets and related items for over 10 years. He is a hard rock miner by trade and started his Gold Nuggets business after being introduced to Gold Panning.

  • Delos Toole Where To Find Free Gold Books

    Delos Toole is a personal friend of mine and a great author, not only do I recommend and sell his books, I use them all the time. You will not find a finer collection of books on the subject of where to find gold.

  • DiscoveRIn Rhode Islands Treasures

    This site is dedicated to discovering, recovering, and preserving Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut treasures through our responsible Metal Detecting Club.

  • Eastern Oregon Mining Association

    Eastern Oregon Mining Association (EOMA) is a non profit organization representing and advocating for the role of mining in the Pacific Northwest. Its membership is primarily made up of operators of small mines, prospectors, and others interested in mining. EOMA is dedicated as well to the preservation of American mineral independence and proper stewardship of the environment.

  • El Paso Gold Prospectors Association

    This is a club site for the El Paso Gold Prospectors Association.


    "FIREnGOLD" will briefly take you through my 32 year career as a fire fighter and share with you many pictures and stories about gold dredging on the Trinity River in Northern California.

  • Garden State Metal Detecting Club

    New Jersey Metal Detecting Club.

  • Georgia Gold Prospectors Association

    The Georgia Gold Prospectors Association is located in Northern Georgia, has approximately 3000 acres of privately owned Gold Bearing lands in 15 claim areas for the members. The club has 4 major outings a year, besides the smaller get together that happen almost weekly. All properties are gated and secure and all forms of Gold Prospecting can be conducted. There is a message board for the members on the internet as well as a newsletter that is published frequently. Guest's are always welcome with members.

  • Georgia Weekend Gold Miners

    This organization is a family-oriented, non-profit corporation that gives you a place to relax, prospect for gold, visit with other prospectors and most of all, have a good time in the outdoors.

  • Glory Hunters

    Glory Hunters is a claim in South Dakota's Black Hills. The Owner Lew Wright gives lessons to novice prospectors. The class lasts a couple hours and then Lew turns you loose on his claim near Rochford. Prices are reasonable. Makes for a fun day outdoors for anyone.

  • Gold Cradle Rocker Box

    New age materials have made it possible for us to develop a lighter, longer lasting, environmentally conscious, portable rocker box in kit form. Needs no gas, no oil, or battery. The Gold Cradle rocker box incorporates the best from the past, the best for the future and delivers them to you today.

  • Gold Expeditions

    This site offers gold trips.

  • Gold Maps

    Site to get gold mining maps.

  • Gold Mining Stories from Eastern Oregon and Nevada

    This is a great page for anyone interested in mining history of Eastern Oregon and Nevada.

  • Gold Net Australia Online

    This is one of the best Australian sites I have seen!

  • Gold Panners Home Page

    Nice Prospecting Page on Georgia.

  • Gold Prospectors Association of America

    This is the GPAA home page. They have done a great job. You will want to check this one out for sure!

  • Gold Prospecting-Shirttail Creek

    Shirttail Creek is a recreational gold prospecting resort with over 6 miles of gold bearing creek bed. Spend your vacation prospecting, panning, dredging , highbanking, Metal detecting, or just plain relaxing.

  • Gold Road Mine Tours

    Gold Road Mine Tours. Enjoy a safe and delightful guided tour or field trip to a real old time gold mine. A one hour experience is exciting for everyone "user friendly" for the physically challenged .

  • Gold, Rock & Gem Adventures

    The club has over 4800 acres of hot placer claims in Nev. and Ariz. Great districts like Rich Hill, Bagdad, Bradshaws Az., Rye Patch, Dry Gulch, Peavine, Gold Run name a few gold districts. Claims coming to Co., Ca., Or., Id., NM. etc. In addition we have 1000's of acres of very productive rock, gem and fossil sites in Az. and Nv. All this for only $.34 per day. You can join this club on Tom Ashworth's Club's Link Page!

  • Gold Seek Page

    This is one heck of a link page. This guy has links to everything.

  • Golden Caribou Mining Club

    This is a good club located on the beautiful Feather River. Who knows you may even run into me on one of their claims.

  • Golden Optimist

    The Golden Optimist is a 20 acre placer claim dedicated to prospecting education. It is located in narrow canyon area near Jamestown, CO. in an area with with steep canyon sides and a faster than desirable elevation drop and has 1320 feet of stream on it. The land on both ends of the claim is Boulder city park land on which gold prospecting is not allowed.

  • Have Detector Will Travel

    Coinshooting and metal detecting stories and information with pictures of the finds.

  • Heather Grove Gold and Gems

    A family recreation area in North Carolina.

  • International California Mining Journal

    International California Mining Journal magazine home page. One of the best mining magazines available.

  • Jacque's Lost Treasure Page

    Jacque has a great treasure hunting page.

  • James Adams Recreational Gold Prospecting Page

    Has some great stuff on his page!

  • Jay's Gold Nuggets

    Offering authentic and natural gold nuggets for sale.

  • Jerry's Outdoor and Prospecting Page

    Another nice home page.

  • Jesse's Prospecting and Metal Detecting page

    Jesse is not only a friend and a nice guy, he has a nice home page too! Lots of quick time video's from Alaska and even some pictures of me, him and RC.

  • Jim Voke's Detectin' Pages

    Jim has a lot of great information on his page. Also he is an experienced detectorist with many years in the hobby.

  • Joe Waters Home Page

    History of gold rush and some of the more productive gold mines in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

  • Kitco Gold Prices

    They have all the prices on metals. They also buy and sell gold.

  • Little Valley Inn at The Creek

    This is a site the has information about a country inn in gold mining country.

  • Lost Treasure Magazine Online

    Lost Treasure Magazine home page is full of great information.

  • Major Mines in Nevada

    Has a nice map showing mines in Nevada.

  • McCalip's Artifact Recovery

    Great site with loads of Metal Detecting/Treasure Hunting Links plus Nationwide Metal Detecting Events. Your missing out if you don't pay a visit to this site.

  • Metal Hunters

    Civil War Relics found by The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Mike's CZ Page

    A treasure hunting website with lots of tips for Fisher metal detectors,great links, photos of my finds and more.

  • Mike's Treasure Page

    Metal detecting finds from North of the border!

  • Minnesota Gold Prospectors

    Minnesota Prospecting Club.

  • Minin' Gold

    You can find some real good information here.

  • Monster Link Page

    This link is just loaded with many different links that will be very useful to the small time miner, as well as the commercial miner.

  • The National Coalition for Public Lands and Natural Resources

    The "new environmentalism" is based "on hope instead of fear, solution instead of conflict, education instead of litigation, science instead of emotion, and on employing human resources rather than destroying human resources."

  • North Coast Treasure Hunter

    Dave Martins Home page.

  • Northern Miner Home Page

    Mining information for a fee.

  • Oak Island Treasure

    The ultimate resource for anyone who enjoys a good treasure mystery. Discover the mystery of Oak Island's Money Pit here - with maps, charts, photos, feedback, forums, mailing lists, history, excavation details, theories and much more! This is one mysery that will have you reaching for your metal detector!

  • Oregon Gold Prospecting Trips

    Prospecting guided tours in Oregon.

    Oregon Mining Magazine

    This is a real nice site. It has a lot of good information for all prospectors.

  • Original Sixteen to One Mine

    The Sixteen to One Mine home page.

  • Persuets

    A United Kingdom metal detecting site.

  • Prospecting in Arizona

    Arizona Information.

  • Prospectors Club Of Southern California

    The Prospector's Club of Southern California is a legally chartered, non-profit corporation - Dedicated to gold prospecting, metal detecting and treasure hunting.

  • Prospecting for Gold Near Washington, DC

    Detailed information on gold prospecting and gold mining in Virginia and Maryland, especially near Washington, DC.

  • Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club

    Treasure Hunting, metal detecting club based out of Tacoma, Washington.

  • Recreational Detecting and Prospecting Club

    This site has information on prospecting, treasure hunting and lots of information to keep you informed and up to date. New internet membership is only $10.00 per year.

  • Rich River Exploration, LTD.

    Rich River Exploration Ltd., is a provider of custom designed adventure prospecting expeditions and gold panning adventures. We are located in the Historical Big Bend placer district of beautiful British Columbia Canada.

  • Rick's Prospecting Page

    Follow Rick and Bill as they search for gold.

  • RLJ234's Links

    Page has lots of links.

  • Rob and Peg's Fisher Page

    This page has tips for the Fisher Detectors they use, Finds they have made, A monthly Treasure Tale by Dean "Bumbie" Adams, Great links, and a place to look up your local "Treasure Hunting Weather", And General Metal Detecting Information.

  • Rob's Prospecting Page

    New home page. Still under construction.

  • Scottish Gold Panning

    Recreational panning in the Scottish Rivers

  • Southeastern Prospecting Home Page

    Home of SouthEastern Prospecting, providing quality prospecting equipment to miners in the SouthEastern US. Site includes information about the equipment we build and locations to mine throughout the SouthEast.

  • Spindle Explorations

    The Home of the Treasure Hunters Insider magazine as well as all kinds of other information to help out The Treasure Hunter and Prospector.

  • St. Petersburg's Treasure Hunter

    Russian bilingual metal detecting site featuring ancient coins from Russian Empire, uniform buttons, buckles, medals, shields, religious artifacts, with German and Russian WWII relics.

  • Successful Treasure Hunting

    Brand new page by Mike Adams, one of the best treasure hunters around. This page is a must for anyone starting out. Although Mike has just started the page, it has some very good information on it. Has a poll of users choices for metal detectors.

  • Swede's Treasure Photos

    Metal detecting is my passion and this page shows some of my finds and others.

  • Tim McNulty's Gold Fever Page

    A nice page with plans for the gravity powered dredge.!


    This is probably the best treasure hunting site on the web. Also a great database with gold location.

  • Tom Ashworth Real Estate, Boise, ID Realtor

    Tom Ashworth was the founder of the prospecting site, He now sells real estate in Boise Idaho. He still prospects for gold every weekend!

  • U.S. Federal Mineral and Mining Laws

    Have fun with this crap! heh heh

  • Valley Coin and Relic Club

    Another nice club page

  • Weekend Prospector

    Nice home page.

  • The Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club ( UK )

    The Weekend Wanderers is a unique metal detecting club in the UK. We meet on Sundays in the counties surrounding London UK. Check out our web site to see what we get up to on this side of the pond.

  • Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Information Page

    Yukon information page.


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