Tom Ashworths Prospectors Cache


by Tom Ashworth


COUNTY:Garfield County


White Canyon

All regional watercourse, bench and terrace gravels should be checked for placer gold. State records say that over 2,000 ounces of placer gold has been recovered. Unfortunately, most of these are now under Lake Powell and may be lost to prospectors, due to depth of the lake.

Colorado River

About 1,200 ounces of placer gold was recovered from the Colorado River in Glen Canyon area. From Lake Canyon upstream to the Dirty Devil River is where to check. This gold is very fine and extremely hard to recover. Most of the areas are under 200 feet of water, but you may get lucky and find an old canyon that was placered.

Crescent Creek

Around 500 ounces of placer gold was found in Crescent Creek. This was a dry washing area with many of the drainages containing gold.

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