Tom Ashworths Prospectors Cache
Tom Ashworth dredging for gold on the Klamath River! Mike loves to metal detect as well Metal detectors, gold dredges, mining equipment, treasure hunting equipment
Welcome To The Prospectors Cache

Welcome to Tom Ashworth's Prospectors Cache. I will be adding information in an ongoing effort to improve information on the world wide web concerning gold mining, metal detecting and treasure hunting. If you want to learn all the ropes on using that metal detector, gold dredge or other treasure hunting tools.

  • WHERE TO FIND GOLD - If you want to know where to go find some gold this would be the first place to start.
  • HOW TO DO IT - tips on how to metal detect, dredge, prospect or process gold
  • CLUBS - We connect you to metal detecting, prospecting, mining, rock hounding clubs.
  • GENERAL INFORMATION - List of terms used in mining and metal detecting, treasure hunting and rock hunting.
  • LINKS - I have worked hard to keep an up to date set of metal detector and mining related links.
  • MINING EQUIPMENT PLANS - This is where you can build your own mining equipment.
  • PICTURES - We have a nice selection of mining prospecting and metal detecting pictures.
  • - This web page was started in 1994 by Tom Ashworth and has since grown to be one of the most visited prospecting and metal detecting sites on the internet.

Let me close this page by saying that I thank you for your taking the time to read this far and wish the best for you and yours. If you have any tips on how to mine for gold, how to use a metal detector or anything else related to prospecting, rock hounding, metal detectors and detecting, treasure hunting, diving shipwrecks or anything close I would love to hear about it. Just EMAIL me!

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