Lassen County California

The Diamond Mountain District and Hayden Hill district produced 147,500 ounces of gold in Lassen County, with a considerable amount of unrecorded placer gold produced before 1880. At Hayden Hill, in the northcentral part of the county, in townships 36N and 37N. Range 10E and 11E produced 116,000 ounces of lode gold, 1870-1910, from several …

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Los Angeles County California

Gold placers were worked in Los Angeles County between 1834 and 1838 by Mexican and Spanish miners, and by 1858 more than 6,000 miners were working placer deposits 35 miles northwest of the Los Angeles city hall. Most of the counties’ total production of gold through 1959 was 1,109,200 ounces from lode deposits. Still, small …

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Madera County California

The total gold production of Madera County through 1959 is calculated at 90,000 ounces. Along the Fresno, Chowchilla, and San Joaquin rivers, there were many dredging operations for its placer gold content from discovery years until now. Near the town of Coarsegold, many area lode gold mines are hidden back in oak-covered hills. North of …

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Mariposa County California

Mariposa County is the southernmost of the Mother Lode counties and has had a long and productive gold mining history, with a total production of 2,144,500 ounces of gold recovered from 1880-1959 583,500 ounces came from placer operations. Following the closure of mining during World War II, the annual gold production has been about 1,000 …

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Merced County California

From Merced Falls to Snelling in the alluvial plain between these towns, the gravels were extensively operated 1929-43 by several connected bucket dredges of the Yosemite Mining and Dredging Company. They had a total production, 1880-1959, of 516,346 ounces of placer gold.

Modoc County California

In the northeast part of the county, there were several quartz mines in the High-Grade District that produced about 14,000 ounces of lode gold.

Mono County California

Gold mining began in Mono County in 1862, with a total production of 1,176,200 ounces through 1959, with activity continuing today. In the Blind Springs Hill district, you will find the Diana, Comet, and Comanche mines, mainly copper and silver, with a by-product of gold. The Benton district has area lode mines with gold, lead, …

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Monterey County California

It is reported that in the Los Burros district, there were small area mines in quartz veins containing lode gold.

Napa County California

Napa County had a total gold production of around 24,000 ounces, and this came as a byproduct of silver mining. Near Calistoga, north by 2 miles, you will find the Mt. Saint Helena Mine, the Palisades Mine, and the Silverado Mine.

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