Meadowlakes, Texas

Meadowlakes Texas

Meadowlakes Texas

The gated community of Meadowlakes was built around the Hidden Falls Golf Club; its development started in 1973 and was incorporated as a city in 1985.

The city is in the Texas Hill Country near the Lake Marble Falls in the Burnet County. As of 2010 the city had 1,777 inhabitants.

Geography of Meadowlakes

The city is situated in the Southern Burnet County on the north shore of the Colorado River at coordinates 30°33′42″N 98°17′45″W. Marble Falls located in the northeast and downtown Austin is located 49 miles to the southeast.

Demographic of Meadowlakes

(Source: US Census 2000)

The city had 1,293 inhabitants with 573 households and 472 families. The city had a population density of 1,673.2 per sq. mile of area. There were 599 housing units at 775.1 per sq.  mile.

Racial makeup of the city:

  • White: 97.83%
  • African American: 0.23%
  • Native American: 0.46%
  • Asian: 0.77%
  • Other Races: 0.08%
  • Two or more races: 0.62%
  • Hispanic/Latino (any race): 1.08%

Meadowlakes Texas Lake Marble Falls

Meadowlakes Texas Lake Marble Falls

Of the 573 households in the area, 19.5% had children below the age of 18 in them, 78.2% had married couples, 3.7% had a female householder without husbands, 17.5% were non families, 16.1% of the households had individuals in them and 11.7% had people aged 65 years or older in them. The size of the average household was 2.26 while the size of an average family was 2.49.

Age structure of the city

  • Under 18 years: 15.6%
  • 18-24 years: 1.9%
  • 25-44 years: 14.7%
  • 45-64 years: 28.8%
  • 65 years or older: 39.0%

There were 93.3 males for every 100 females and 86.5 males for every 100 females aged 18 years or older.

Income distribution of the city

  • Median Income (household): $60,588
  • Median Income (family): $67,206
  • Median Income (males): $51,912
  • Median Income (females): $26,354
  • Income per capita: $32,779
  • Below the poverty line: 2.5% of the families and 2.5% of the population (including 1% of people under the age of 18 years and 2.7% of the people aged 65 years or older) lived below the poverty line.

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