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Caldwell County North Carolina

Around Grandmothers Mountain in Caldwell County North Carolina all streams gravels have been worked for placer gold.


Northwest of Hartland 1.5 miles the adjoining mines of Miller and Scott Hill were major producers in the area.


Baker Mine - is located off the John's River near the mouth of Wilson's Creek. It was a good producer.

Hercules Mine - is located 12 miles north of Morganton and was a major producer of lode gold.

Little John Mine - was a placer mine and large nuggets have been found.

Miller Mine - was a lode gold mine.

Scott Hill Mine - was a lode gold mine.

Upper Creek Mine - was a gold producer.


Grandmother's Mountain - around Grandmother's Mountain check all stream gravels for placers gold.

John's River - may produce placer gold.

Lower Creek - there is gold in the creek and in most of its tributaries below Lenoir. Check the north side of the creek primarily.

Wilson's Creek -will yield some gold.

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