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Broadwater County Montana

Some of Montana's richest placers were found in Broadwater County, but much of it went unreported. Probably several million ounces came from this county.

Confederate Gulch District

In and around Backer, Canyon and Diamond City, along the gulch tributaries of the Missouri river, in the north part of the county produced around 600,000 ounces of gold. All the area gulches have had placer activity. Northwest of Confederate Gulch is the White Creek District. Gold has been found in the drainage basins of White Creek, Avalanche Creek and in the upper part of White Creek and its tributary Johnny Gulch. Magpie Gulch also had some rich placer ground. Hellgate Creek and its tributaries also produced well. Beaver Creek and all its tributaries, especially those above and below Confederate Gulch look promising.

Radersburg District

Ten miles west of Toston, on the east side of the Elkhorn Mountains, in the south part of the county is the Radersburg district. The Keating Mine is in this district along with many other rich lode mines. Along Crow creek and it tributaries there is some rich placer ground. Below town, along Eagle and Sam Creeks you can find some rich placer gravels. In Johnny Gulch there is also some good gold being found.

Townsend District

South of Townsend 3 miles along Deep Creek there are some old placer deposits.

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