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Boise County Idaho

In the Boise Basin, 25 miles northeast of Boise, had some rich placer activity with many old lode mines found shortly after. The placer gravels are still productive today. Between 1863 and today over 3,000,000 ounces of gold has been produced. The main areas are in the Banner Silver Mines, the Deadwood Gulch Placers and the Willow Creek District.


Centerville is located in the Boise Basin District and includes Idaho City, Moore Creek, Gambrinus. All of these are in the middle of the Boise Basin. The alluvial gravel deposits covers much of the region. This area alone produced over 2,000,000 ounces of placer gold. Along Grime Creek on the way to Placerville you will find some rich old placers. Along the Boise River, near Twin Springs, had some very rich and productive placers. All of the regional watercourse gravels, benches and terraces contain placer gold. Near Gambrinus, you will find many old lode mines that produced a by product of gold. The Illinois and Gambrinus mines were large producers of by product gold in this area.

Reported by:Rick Andrews

Partially located on the original site of Centerville. These twelve claims are owned by Ted Sharfe of Boise. Turning right and driving through the New Centerville community stop at the first forest service road to the left. Off the head of the tee you should see a dump truck box with twin sluices. Straight ahead from the tee you will see a miners shack with a travel trailer. Ted can be found here weekends. The gold is fine and found with a lot of monazite. Relics abound.

Idaho City

Near Idaho City the area alluvial gravel deposits, both stream and terrace, had many productive placers. Along Mine Creek you can find placer gold. On Horseshoe Bend of the Payette River are some very rich placers. The high bench terraces are very rich between streams in the area.


Near Grimes Pass, the Pioneerville Summit Flat - Grimes Pass area produced around 25,000 ounces of gold. The Golden Age Mine produced lode gold with lead and silver. The Mammoth Mine produced lode gold. The Comeback Mine was the primary producer of electrum which was 50% gold and 50% silver. In the Grimes Pass area there are numerous old mines.


The Quartzburg district, includes Gold Hill, Granite and Placerville, in Township 7 North Range 4 East, had a total production of around 400,000 ounces of gold. The Gold Mine was a lode mine in the area. The Mountain Chief and the Belshazzar Mines were large producers in the district.

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