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Blaine County Idaho

Many rich silver mines were found in the Boise Basin in 1964, but it wasn't until 1942 that gold was pursued in this county. The total production through 1959 was 212,638 ounces of gold.


Bellevue is located in the southwest corner of the county and is in the Wood district. In this area, along the Wood River and its tributaries, in township 1 South and Range 17 and 18 East there are some old placer workings. The area copper mines produced a minor by product gold. The Camas, Croesus and Tip Top mines were all base metal mines that produced by product gold.


Southwest of Hailey by 5~15 miles is the Camas district, which was discovered in 1865 and had a total production of 102,000 ounces of gold. The area base metal mines produced a by product of gold. Southwest, in Township 1 North, Range 16 and 17 East, is the Camas 2 Mine, which was a major producer and was closed in 1898 after producing over $1,000,000 of by product gold. The old camp of Mineral Hill had many area mines that produce around 14,000 ounces of by product gold between 1902~1959.


In township 4 North, Range 17, 18, 19 East is the Warm Springs district which produced 76,639 ounces of gold between 1864-1959. The area lead and silver mines produced a by product of gold. The Triumph Mine, which was reopened in 1927 to become a major producer and closed in 1957 produced a by product of gold. The Sawtooth district also had some silver mines that produced a by product of gold.

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