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Boulder County Colorado

Boulder County ranks 9th among Colorado's gold-producing counties. Boulder County has produced more than 1,000,000 ounces of gold. Most of that production came from lode mines.


Northwest of Boulder, 3-8 miles, is the Gold Hill Sugarloaf district. This district is about 12 square miles and had a total production of 412,000 ounces from 1859-1959. In the area, creek beds, terraces, benches, etc., you can find placer gold; over 3,000 ounces have been produced. Gold Hill Mine, the largest producer, including several adjoining mines, produced lode gold and silver. The old camps of Sugarloaf, Rowena, Salina, and Sunshine are great places to explore. Many area mines have lode gold and silver. Southwest of Boulder, 4 miles to Magnolia, reached by steep grades, numerous high-grade mines produced lode gold in tellurides. The total production of 130,000 ounces was recorded. West of Boulder, 17 miles and 4 miles Northwest of Nederland, is the Grand Island-Caribou district in the southwest part of the county. The Grand Island- Caribou district had a total production between 1932-59 of 10,006 ounces. Numerous area lead-silver mines produce a by-product of gold. The Cardinal and Eldora mines are in the area and produce lode gold.


Jamestown is in the Central district. Nine miles northwest of Boulder, there were many area mines. Lefthand Creek, north of Gold Hill, Bummers Gulch, Coon Trail, North Beaver, and South Boulder Creeks, southeast of Caribou, contain placer gold. James Creek above Jamestown contains placer gold. Central Gulch, west of Jamestown, contains placer gold. Upper Fourmile Creek, northwest of Sugarloaf, contains placer gold. It had a total production of 207,000 gold ounces. Many area mines produce gold in pyrite and telluride minerals. The Jamestown, Gold Hill, and Ward area mines produced lode gold.


North of Nederland on Route 160 toward Ward, turn east onto the Sugarloaf - Sunset road for 7 miles to the Oregon Mine. This mine produced gold in sulfide ores.


The Ward district is 9-13 miles northwest of Boulder. It covered 12 square miles in headwaters of Lefthand and Fourmile Creeks. The old Sunset and Copper Rock camps, with more than 50 lode mines in the area, had a total production of 172,000 ounces of lode gold. The Niwot and Columbia mines were the largest producers of lode gold. Many mines produced gold in tellurides in the district's east part.

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