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Yuba County California


The placer gravels of Yuba County produced over 5 million ounces of gold. However, its lode mines yielded only 1 million gold ounces.

In the Browns Valley and Smartville district, in the central part of the county, in township 16N. Range 5E. Many area mines produced lode gold. The Hibbert and Burris mines were the most productive lode gold in the area.

At Challenge, there were lots of lode gold mines.

In the Dobbins district, in the Indiana Ranch area, the California M Lode was a rich lode gold mine. In section 30 of township 18N and range 7E, you will find the Red Ravine Mine, a rich lode gold producer.

At Smartvile, many lode gold mines are rich.

Feather River

I have a friend doing well on the Feather River with a 5" dredge. He is on some club claims. At Marysville and Yuba City, regional gravels of the Feather River, especially upstream toward the mountains, are rich in placer gold.

Yuba River

In the Hammonton district, in the south part of the county along the Yuba River, in parts of townships 15N and 16N and range 4E and 5E, total production is over 500,000 ounces. In Quaternary gravels, extensive placer operations were done in all regional buried channels and exposed Tertiary gravel deposits. Miners extensively worked these placers. I have used large dredges in this area on the Yuba River, and I have personally had 10-ounce days with an 8" dredge.

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