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San Diego County California

The total gold production in San Diego County, 1869-1959, was about 219,800 ounces of lode gold, with minor placer production. Fifty-five miles northeast of San Diego, you will find Julian, the county's most important gold-producing section. Around Julian, there were area lode mines that produced well. If you go east of Julian by 5 miles, in the vicinity of Banner, you will also find area lode mines. If you go south of Julian by 3 miles, you will find a copper mine with a by-product of gold. If you go south of Julian for 4 miles, you will find the Friday Mine, a nickel mine with a by-product of gold. In the Ramona district, there is the Spaulding Mine which was a lode gold, but it is said that in flats below the Little Three Mine, you will find placer gold. In Wynola, there are area small placer gravel deposits.

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