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Riverside County California

A total of 108,800 gold ounces, mostly lode gold, came from relatively small mines and a few placers scattered throughout Riverside County from 1893-1959. Southwest of Blythe, by 20 miles, you will find The McCoy Mountain district, numerous copper mines had a by-product of gold. North of Desert Center, a large area along the north boundary of the county, in townships 2S and 3S and range 10E and 12E, the Pinon-Dale district had a total production, producing over 33,000 ounces of lode gold. The Lost Horse Mine is a producer of 1,000 ounces of lode gold, and The New Eldorado Mine produced about 500 ounces of lode gold. At Packard's Well, go south 2 miles in the Palen Mountains to the area of copper mines that had some production of gold. In township 4S and 5S and range 4W, west and southwest of Perris, you will find the Pinanate district. In that district, you would find the Good Hope Mine, which was worked before 1850 by Mexicans. It produced 1,500 ounces of lode gold.

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