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Butte County California

Total production from Butte County, 1880-1959, is approximately 3,200,000 ounces of placer gold and 104,000 ounces of lode gold. The Surcease Mine, located at township 21N range 4E, was a large producer of lode gold.


In the town of Magalia, located in the north-central part of the county, production from 1932 - 1959 was 15,976 ounces of placer gold.


The Magalia Tertiary gravel deposits produce placer gold. The Perschbaker Mine, a major producer before 1910, was a major lode gold producer.


Cherokee City, area stream gravels contain placer gold. On Cherokee Flat, alluvial gravel deposits contain placer gold. Oroville district, in the south part of the county, along the Feather River, had a total production between 1903-59 of 1,964,130 ounces. The area gravel deposits contain rich placer gold deposits. At Thompson's Flat, there were large placer gold operations. Yankee Hill district, located at township 21N range 4E and 5E, in the central part of the county, had a total production of 5,154 ounces of placer gold and 34,427 ounces of lode gold. There are many placer operations and area lode gold mines all along the Feather River.

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