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Pinal County Arizona

Pinal County ranks sixth among Arizona's gold-producing counties, with 893,350 ounces of lode and placer gold mined between 1858 and 1959.

Apache Junction, northeast on Highway 88, the Apache Trail, to the Goldfields district between the Superstition and Goldfield mountains, 36 miles east of Phoenix in Maricopa County, you will find the Young Mine, which was a deep shaft lode gold mine.

Thirty-two miles out of Casa Grande on the highway to Covered Wells, then 1 mile on a branch road to the west foot of the Slate mountains, the Mammon Mine, and mill site, you can find free gold erratically distributed.

In Mammoth, in the southeast part of the county, on the east flank of the Black Hills, total production of 403,000 gold ounces, about 40,000 came as by product of the San Manuel copper ores. You will find the Mammoth Mine, which was a lode gold primarily, with molybdenum. Also, the San Manuel Mine, mainly copper with a by-product of gold. If you go southeast 3 miles, in section 26, in township eight south and range 16 east, you will find the Collins Property and the Mohawk Mine, close to the Mammoth; they produced lode gold with lead, copper, and zinc.

South of Oracle by 4 to 10 miles, near the northwest base of the Santa Catalina mountains, you will find the Canada del Oro placers, the country's most famous gold producer: There are many old pits, trenches, and tunnels that produce placer gold. In area arroyos and gulches, especially on the north side of the main watercourse, many placers worked in the 1930s.

In Ray, in the northeast part of the county, about 17 miles south of Miami, between the Dripping Springs Range to the east and the Tortilla Range to the west, you will find the Mineral Creek district and the Ray Consolidated Copper Company Mine that had a by product gold with a total production of around 35,250 ounces.

In Superior, at the east edge of town, between Queen creek and the Magma Mine, the Lake Superior and Arizona Mine all had a by-product of gold. The Magma Mine is a by-product of gold from silver. If you go south of Queen Creek a short distance, the Queen Creek Mine was the south extension of the Superior and Arizona veins, all having minor lode gold production. To the southeast, 4 miles, the Belmont lode gold mine.

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