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Greenlee County, Arizona

Near Clifton, many area mines produce gold and copper. If you go above the town, along the San Francisco River, Quaternary bench gravels contain placer gold. Also, along the lower part of the river, as far as the mouth of Eagle Creek, there is placer gold. Going out of Clifton, 12 miles, the Smuggler claims had extensive sluicing for placer gold. Also, there is placer gold between town and the Old Rock House along Chase Creek, along the creek bed.

Go west of Duncan 12 miles, and you will find the Ash Peak district; this was a silver location with a by-product of gold production. It had a total output of about 12,000 ounces.

Go east of Metcalf by 2 miles; near Copper King Mountain, you will find the Copper King Mine, which contains rich lode gold deposits. Go to the northeast of the Copper King, vein outcrops of granite following porphyry dikes you can find gold by panning.

Near Morenci, an area of large-scale copper mines with by-products of gold production totaling around 250,000 ounces between 1873-1959. If you go east by southeast 1 mile, the Hormeyer Mine was a rich copper mine with a by-product of gold. If you go west 3 miles, in Gold Gulch, there are some very rich placers. If you go southwest 4.5 miles in Gold Gulch, you will find the Lakeman Mine lode gold mine.

Near Oroville, the area gravels were once hydraulicked for its placer gold.

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