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Graham County Arizona

Near Ashurst, southwest on the Klondyke road, in the broad pass between the Santa Teresa and Pinaleno mountains, the Clark district, which is 19 miles from the railroad at Cork siding, there are many area prospects on quartz outcrops that contain free gold. You can also find the Chance claims. Small production of lode gold was done here.

Near Safford, east 14 miles on U. S. 70 and 7 miles north on a dirt road to Bonita Creek, the area upstream from the mouth along the Gila River, the Gila River placers which have the richest deposits within the inside bends of the rivers, because these are well-formed placers, all stream, bench, and terrace gravels, placers contain flake to wire gold. On the north side of the Gila River, between Bonita and Spring creeks, numerous placers such as the Neel, Smith Boyls, Hammond, Serna, and Colvin. Go to the northeast, in the southwest part of the Gila mountains, the Lone Star district, and you will find the San Juan and Lone Star mines. In the mountains to the north of the Roper, West, Wickersham, Merrill, and other mines, there is gold in quartz veins./P>

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