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Gila County Arizona

Eighth among Arizona's gold-producing counties, Gila County produced over 250,000 ounces of gold through 1959, about two-thirds of it as a by-product of copper mining.

In the Banner district, in the extreme south corner of the county at the southeast end of the Dripping Springs mountains, there was a total production of 26,000 ounces. The Christmas Mine was a major producer of lode gold in this county.

There were many rich placers in the Globe district up Pinal Creek from town. Also, along Lost Gulch and Pinto Creek, there were rich placers. Go north in the Apache Mountains and west in small gulches draining into Richmond Basin; placer deposits are reported.

In the Miami district, there are area copper mines, such as Miami Inspiration, Castle Dome, Copper Cities, and Cactus mines which all had a by-product of gold. In addition, in the area gulches peripheral to the Castle Dome Mine and, northeast, the Golden Eagle Mine, you will find some placer gravels.

Near Payson, area mines to the south by southeast, south, and southwest, at varying distances, there are many mines such as the Gowan, Single Standard, Golden Wonder, Ox-Bow, Silver Butte, Zulu, and Bishop's Knoll, all quartz mines with free gold also with local concentrations of copper minerals carrying free gold.

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