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Southeastern Region Alaska

The total gold production of the Panhandle region between 1880 and 1959 is recorded as 7,788,514 ounces of gold. Almost all of that came from lode mines. There are way two many lode mines for me too type in on this region, so I will try to list the areas where placer gold can be found. If you are interested in the lode mines you can find them on the 13 quadrangles that cover the southeastern district.

Juneau District

Most of the placer gold in the region has come from the Juneau district. Porcupine Creek was a great producer of placer gold. Clear Bear, Glacier, Cahoon, McKinley, Cottonwood, Nugget Creeks and Klehini, Salmon and Takhin Rivers have produced good placer gold. Gold Creek and Last Chance Basin near Juneau were productive for placer gold. Windfall, Montana and McGinnis Creeks, between Juneau and the Eagle River were productive. Spruce and Powers Creeks and the Chuck River near Windham Bay had some placers. The beach placer near Lituya and Yakutat Bay contains gold.

Reported by: Mitch

EDITOR NOTE: Thanks for catching my mistake

You report Gold Creek and last Chance Basin as near Juneau but in fact Gold Creek is in town. Runs right through town actually. Headed there this morning to do a little panning and a little sluicing. Mostly placer and small nuggets there, but last summer a guy found a 3/4 ounce nugget. Last chance basin is reputed to produce more/bigger gold but haven't tried yet as it is quite a hike. Montana creek produced nothing, but flour for me, but I know this old guy who says... Well you know the rest.

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