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Copper River Region Alaska

The copper river region includes most of the Copper River drainage in southern Alaska. The Alaska Range borders it to the north and by the Chucach Mountains on the southwest and the Wrangell Mountains on the northeast.

Chistochina District

Near Gulkana in the northwest part of the Copper River Basin is the Chistochina District. The Chitna River and its tributaries Miller Gulch, Slate Creek, and Big Four Creeks contain placer gold. The branches of the Chistochina River have placer gold and platinum. In addition, Eagle Creek, Slate Creek, Granite Creek, The Slana River, Grubstake Creek, Slope Creek, and most of the creeks around the village of Slana contain gold.

Copper River District

North of the Copper and Chitina rivers is the Copper River District. It embraces the watershed of the south slopes of the Wrangell Mountains, especially along the streams feeding into the Copper River, below the mouth of the Chitina River. Very many lode mines along the Bremmer River. The placers along the Bremmer River, Golconda Creek, Mineral Creek, Berg Creek, Nugget Creek, Quartz Creek, and Porcupine Creek have rich histories.

Nelchina District

Albert Creek and the area streams in the northwestern part of the district all contain placer gold. In addition, fall Creek and most streams in the southeastern part of the district have gold.

Nizina District

The Nizna River and tributaries contain placer gold. Dan Creek, Chititu Creek, Young Creek, and Canyon Creeks contain placer gold. Golconda Creek is said to be good. There is fine gold in all the streams that drain the Chugach Mountains. Dan Creek produced well; over 144,000 ounces of placer is said to have come from this creek.

Prince William Sound District

The streams draining the area lode mines around Valdez contain placer gold. The streams near Port Nellie Juan all include some placer gold. In addition, the Lowe River, east Port Valdez, and Beach placer at the southwest end of Middleton Island have gold.


The White River and its tributaries contain gold. So the beach placers near Yakataga are said to be rich.

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