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Randolph County Alabama

The gold-bearing deposits of Randolph County border the boundary of Cleburne County. These deposits are in similar formations to that of Cleburne County.

Area streams and branches near Wedowee are most productive. In regional watercourses and bench sands and gravels, placer gold is found.

The Gold Ridge Property with the Eckhert vein in a highly garnet-rich rock that contains mica schist. This vein also carries iron and garnets up to 3 inches in diameter. The dumps provide good panning.

The Kentucky Gold Mine was discovered in 1845 and extensively worked.   The mine consisted of quartz veins in garnet-bearing mica schist and was the site of a 20 stamp mill. The mine was among Alabama's earliest discoveries of lode veins and was termed a "rich specimen mine."

Near Omaha, gold colors are reported in the streams.

In Wedowee, the area of creek sands and gravels along the Tallapoosa River have good gold placers.

A mine on Wedowee Creek is said to contain lode gold, but nearby stream gravels have placer gold.

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