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Coosa County Alabama

This county has widely scattered prospects along Weogufka Creek, Hatchett Creek, and Rockford Placers. Along Weogufka Creek is where the Weogufka Creek Placer contains pans that run 4-20 colors a pan. The Gold Ridge Mine was originally prospected in 1835 for copper but was found to have lode gold. At Flint Hill, rich quartz veins show gold traces. At Alum Bluff, near the mouth of Hatchett Creek, the Hatchett Creek Placer Mine, gravels were rich enough to have kept 50 men working in 1840. The source of gold was probably in a nearby quartz vein carrying decomposed pyrite.

Northeast of Golds Ranch was the Stewart (Parsons) Mine which contained open cuts and shafts in a 200-foot wide ridge for 1/2 mile and was the site of an old stamp mill.

Southeast of Rockford were some old prospects with gold showings. Along Gin House Branch and Carrol and Pole branches was the location of the Rockford Placer, which was productive in the early years.

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