Abbeville County South Carolina

Abbeville County South Carolina


Abbeville County, South Carolina, is a long-time producer of gold. Best known as the Carolina Slate Belt, it extends across several counties in a northeast-to-southeast direction as a continuation of the same geologic formation in North Carolina. Many streams, creeks, benches, and terraces throughout the belt contain placer gold. In addition, there are many regional mines upstream from the placer gravels and probable sources of the placer gold.


Many mines around Abbeville produced lode gold. East of Abbeville, 7.3 miles, is the Lyon Prospect. It consists of several quartz veins cutting Phyllite and has free-milling gold. The Calais and Douglas mines are West of Abbeville, eight miles Calais and Douglas mines, which produced lode gold. South of Abbeville, 9 miles and .5 miles east of Beula Cross Roads, is an old mine that produced lode gold.


West of Lowndsville, 3 miles, is the Cook Prospect. It consisted of small quartz lenses that contained gold. There is also a mill site on the property.


Calais Mine – was an old lode gold mine.

Cook Prospect – is located approximately 3 miles southwest of Lowndsville. This mine followed small quartz veins, and it had its stamp mill.

Douglas Mine – was located close to the Calais Mine and was a lode gold contributor.

Jones Mine – is on the west side of Long Cane Creek.

Lyon Mine – consisted of several quartz veins cutting phyllite.

Lyon Prospect consists of several quartz veins cutting Phyllite and producing free-milling gold.

Unknown Mine

Civil Ware Mine

Saluda Mine


Long Cane Creek – has placer possibilities.


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