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Liberty Hill Texas

The city of Liberty Hill is in the Hill Country and is located 15 miles to the west of Georgetown and 30 miles northwest of Austin. State Highway 29 runs through the city. The city is situated between the north and south forks of the San Gabriel River. Some of the earliest settlers in the area were Taylor Smith, U.H. Anderson and Greenleaf Fisk. Later in the 1850s families named Poole, Spencer and Bryson arrived in the area form Arkansas, Carolinas and Tennessee.

The first post office in the area opened in 1853 and was located 3 miles to the west of the present day city. William Oliver Spencer became the first postmaster and suggested Liberty Hill as the name of the town. The town was relocated eastward twice before 1882 due to the post office and a local stage stop. However, in 1882 the town relocated again due to the Austin and Northwestern Railroad bypassing the town. After the relocation the town’s population began to grow and received a further boost due to the setting up of the Liberty Normal and Business College in 1884.

The town nevertheless remained small and its population never crossed 500 till the 1990’s. In 1980’s the town was primarily an agrarian economy, but due to an influx of workers who commuted to their work economy became more diversified.

In the mid 1980’s the town had a population of 300 while the school had an enrollment of more than 850. The town’s population in 1990’s remained unchanged and it had about 50 five-rated businesses. In 2000, however, the population had grown to 1,409 and the area had 134 businesses.

Geography of Liberty Hill

The town is located at coordinates: 30°39′51″N 97°54′41″W. The State capital, Austin is located 29 miles to the southeast of the town.

The town spans over an area 1.9 sq. miles of which only 0.52% is covered with water.


Demographics of Liberty Hill

(Source: United States Census report, 2010)

The town had 967 inhabitants with 337 households and 224 families living in it. The population density of the town was 738.7 per sq. mile. The town had 387 housing units.

The racial makeup of the town was:

  • Whites: 76.1%
  • African Americans: 1.6%
  • Native American: 1.7%
  • Asian: 0.8%
  • Other Races: 9.5%
  • Two or more races: 3.5%
  • Hispanic/Latino (any race): 19.3%

The town had 459 households, 38.0% of the households had children under the age of 18 years in them. 49.0% of the households had married couples living together, 12.2% had female householder without husbands in them. 35.5% of the households were non-families, individuals made up 27.9% and people aged 65 years or older made up 12.7% of the households. The average size of the household was 2.55 while the average family size was 3.19.

Age structure of the town:

  • Under the age of 18 years: 34.9%
  • 65 years or older: 12.3%
  • Median age: 34.2 years

Arts and Culture


The town has two main newspapers, the Liberty Hill Independent and The Liberty Hill Independent.


The Liberty Hill International Sculpture Park was created as a direct result of the Liberty Hill International Sculpture Symposium in 1976. The Sculpture Park is home to 27 huge artifacts made from concrete, bronze, granite and limestone.


The students from the city attend schools under the Liberty Hill Independent School District. The School district covers 100 sq. miles and is mostly located in the Williamson County. The faculty and administration of the schools is top notch and are dedicated to better teaching.

The Liberty Hill High School spelling team won 1st place at the UIL State Competition in division 3A in the year 2004-05. The School’s football team won the Texas Football Championship in the 3A Division II in 2006 and in division 3A in 2007.


The town typically has subtropical climate (Source: Köppen Climate Classification system) with hot and humid summers and mild to cool winters.

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Liberty Hill Texas SCHOOL DATA

Area School Information

Displaying schools in Liberty Hill

Name Grade Range Rating
Bill Burden Elementary School
Liberty Hill Elementary School
Liberty Hill High School
Liberty Hill Intermediate School
Liberty Hill J High School
Rancho Sienna Elementary School
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