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Lake TravisRecent times have witnessed a flurry of activity in Lakeway real estate and the median prices for Lakeway homes have been rising steadily during 2013 against the national trend in most cities. While Texas itself is an exception to the national trend of lower home values, the Highland lakes region has been attracting significant attention lately due to plenty of developmental activities and the low population density. Surrounded by pristine Nature and a wide range of waterfront activities, more and more people are considering a home in Lakeway and its neighborhoods.


Lakeway lies in close proximity to Lake Travis in the Travis County and attracts a large number of visitors arriving to explore the Highland Lakes. Proximity to Austin, the capital of Texas is a major factor that helps in bringing more and more visitors to this region. Development in the Lakeway region started around the mid 1960s and occupies about 5.8 sq miles. With a population just shy of 12,000 if you are considering moving to a more beautiful and charming locale, Lakeway on Lake Travis offers much more than a peaceful home location on the lap of Mother Nature. With the mighty Colorado and several lakes surrounding the region, Lakeway and her immediate neighbors are attracting plenty of attention in recent times, particularly from visitors looking for a week end getaway or even a relatively longer vacation.


Fishing, golf and a wide range of water sports constitute the major attractions in the region and it is never difficult to find a comfortable and affordable hotel or vacation rental in this neighborhood.

With Austin just about 15 miles away, plenty of people have found it convenient to commute for work from Lakeway and return home to the cozy surroundings. In turn, this makes the Lakeway community truly homogenous with an average age profile of 45 years.

Interestingly Lakeway is even expanding and a $50 million downtown project is expected to get underway in early 2014. Therefore, if you are already excited about this location, you should catch the earliest opportunity to plan a weekend getaway to see and feel the whole place first hand and find your dream home soon.  While there, you would hardly be able to resist the temptation to visit the abutting Lake Travis where plenty of boat rentals and fishing opportunities await you. The water is crystal clear and with a constant flow of visitors from the neighboring cities, you are bound to enjoy nature at her best. A detailed overview of Lakeway is available here to help you appreciate the finer details.


Geographically Lakeway lies close to Lake Travis in Greater Austin, Texas and holds about 12,000 people. With a median household income several notches above the state average you will find the home prices correspondingly higher in relation to the neighborhood options. You will also find a series of other attractive neighborhoods such as:-

  • Costa Bella,
  • Woods of Lake Travis
  • Ranch at Barton Creek
  • Vineyard Bay
  • Lake Pointe
  • Lake cliff Falcon head
  • Boulevard at Lakeway
  • Estates at Lakeway
  • Apache Shores etc.

Real Estate

With the median income pitching significantly higher than the state average at about $200K you are bound to be in great company when you decide to consider buying into Lakeway real estate

Most of Lakeway homes have been built after 1997 and majority of these is owner occupied. The median rent is about $1,100. Houses under 1000 sq.ft are fewer while most homes are between 1,000 and 2,500 sq.ft. The median rent had shot up to $2,300 in 2011 and pegs around $2,000 mark in 2013. The median home prices have significantly improved during 2013 moving from about 340,000 to 450,000. The median property tax is about 1.8%

Area School Information

Displaying schools in Lakeway

Name Grade Range Rating
Abercorn International School
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