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Hoover’s Valley Texas

History of Hoover’s Valley Texas

 The town of Hoover’s Valley Texas was founded in the mid 1850’s and is named after the Methodist preacher Isaac Hoover. Before a school was setup in 1872, the same building functioned as bot community center and school. In 1879 a Post Office was setup but closed soon after in 1881. The population history of the town is unreported however after the merger of the town’s school with Burnet ISD the town’s populations declined. There is hardly anything remaining in the town except a cemetery and some houses.

The Colorado River is located 1 mile to the west of Hoover’s Valley and Burnet city is located 10 miles northeast from the town. The area started getting settlers in mid nineteenth century and one of the earliest settlers was a Methodist preacher named Isaac Hoover who bought a 640 acre dwelling in 1854. He preached at an oak grove near the local cemetery. The community meeting place also functioned as a school until 1872 when some land was donated for setting up a school. A post office was setup seven years later and John J. Mabry was appointed the postmaster; however the post office closed in 1881.

Schools in Hoover’s Valley Texas

There were 58 students at the Hoover’s Valley Common School in 1896 which had reduced to 56 in 1904. The school was brought under the Burnet Independent School District in 1940s. In the 1940s the Buckner Baptist Children Home started a ranch operation in the Hoover’s Valley. The county highway map showed a school, a cemetery and a few houses but by 1989 all these markings had disappeared from the map.

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