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Granite Shoals Texas

Welcome to Granite Shoals Texas

Granite Shoals Texas is a small lake resort town located on Lake LBJ, 7 miles from the city of Marble Falls. It is popular with lake enthusiasts because it is home to 19 city parks on Lake LBJ, providing a lot of desirable lake access. This lake is normally a constant level lake, making it idea for all water sports. Recent growth has allowed several new artisan stores to open in the area, providing more attractions for visitors.

Lying within striking distance to Austin, the capital of Texas, the Granite Shoals Texas real estate market is ideal for people looking to relocate away from the hustle bustle of Austin and San Antonio metropolitan crowds.  The population is low which means you have plenty of breathing room all around Granite Shoals land.  More importantly, pollution levels are among the least in Texas. Commuting to Austin for work takes under an hour and qualifies as the best option to spend time away from work in a peaceful and clean environment.

The small but beautiful resort town of Granite Shoals, Texas is about 7 miles from Marble Falls on Lake LBJ. Water sports are popular on Lake LBJ because the water level remains constant throughout the year and 19 city parks add further charm to the region. In recent times, more artisan stores have also come up in the area adding to the attractions for visitors.

As you would have imagined, Granite shoals is popular for granite mining and got its name from the granite shoals that were visible in the Colorado River. But, that was before the Lake LBJ and Wirtz Dam were built. Incorporated in 1966 Granite Shoals Texas started off with a population under 300 and has grown to over 5,000. The large number of houseboats and abundant opportunities for water sports/outdoor activities attracts many visitors to the area. In short, this is a great destination for all those looking for a great getaway in the midst of affable nature and all that the mighty Colorado has on offer. And, in the unlikely event of your getting tired of the waters, there are some well appointed golf courses in the immediate vicinity to keep you engaged.

Granite Shoals Land occupies some 32 square miles to the west of Marble Falls and is about 44 miles from Austin. Many residents in Granite Shoals commute to Austin for work and that is one reason why the average age profile of the community pegs at around 40. At present, there are a little over 600 families living here and 3/4ths of all houses are occupied by owners while the rest house renters. The median income within the community is about $31,000 and the per capita income stands at $17,000.

Granite Shoals, Texas Real Estate is buzzing with activity presently because many homes are affordable and you even have the option of buying land and building your home to your own dream home to your specifications. The price trend in the region beats the national southward drift and with more people now considering this affable location, your investments in Granite Shoals, Texas Real Estate is bound to add significant value over the next few years.

Most homes in the community are large of 1000 to 2,400 sq.ft. A small percentage of homes are larger while you may also find some really small homes under 1,000 square feet.   Most of these homes were built after 1980 and the median price per square foot edges up to the $200 per square foot range.  The median property tax in the region is of the order of 1.5%

To understand Granite Shoals Texas up close, the best way is to plan a week end getaway there. Give yourself enough time on the waters but use the intervals to explore the region and consider how relocation here can impact your life and future. With so much of nature, activities and places of interest in the region, there can be no doubt that it would turn out to be one of your best week end getaways that the whole family can enjoy to the hilt.

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