Horseshoe Bay Rental Property

Horseshoe Bay Rental Property

In today’s market rental property could be the IDEAL investment.  Rental property , especially in Horseshoe Bay, offers a high rate of return when compared to the ups and downs of the stock market.

In this article I am using IDEAL to mean “Identify the Advantages of rental homes”:

  • Where can you have someone else pay for your investment?  Rental homes the monthly rent goes toward paying your expenses and generates your return on investment.
  • You can depreciate your property and get a tax shelter.
  • Your equity in the home grows monthly as the mortgage is paid.
  • Homes are worth a lot more now than they were 20 years ago.  So you will get appreciation as your home goes up in value.
  • And of course you get leverage by using borrowed funds to grow your wealth.

If taken as a whole, the items mentioned above make rental property a fantastic investment.   Rents have been on the rise due to people losing their home to foreclosure and bankruptcy.  People still have to live somewhere, so the rent market is booming now.

Right now in Burnet Texas there is a huge demand for rental properties.  Let me help you learn how to be an Real Estate investor.

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