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Ashe County North Carolina | Tom Ashworth's Prospectors Cache
  • Latitude: 36.43415
  • Longitude: -81.500336
  • CITIES: Jefferson
  • MINES: Gap Creek Mine,Copper Knob Mine,Ore Knob Mine
  • WATERWAYS FOR PLACERS: New River, Gap Creek

Ashe County North Carolina

The best place to start looking for gold in Ashe County is in the headwaters of the New River in the south part of the county.

Gap Creek Mine

The Gap Creek Mine (aka Copper Knob Mine) produced gold as a by product of its copper mining. It is located at Gap Creek on the New River.

Ore Knob Mine

Ore Knob Mine is located east of Jefferson by 8 miles and north of Route 88 by 1 mile. The mine had an approximate production between 1855-1962 of around 9,400 ounces of gold.

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