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Get Your Offer Accepted

Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted

Think Like a Home BuyerTexas Hill Country Real Estate inventory is shrinking and it is now common to have multiple offers on a Texas Hill Country home.  In the article I will discuss how to Get Your Offer Accepted.  This is good for sellers because they are able to choose the best offer, Likewise it can be frustrating for the buyers.  Here are a few tips for Texas Hill Country home buyers.

  1. GET PRE-APPROVED – One of the biggest things a home buyer can do is to go to a mortgage professional and get pre-approved. As a Texas Hill Country Realtor, I can help you by hooking you up with a mortgage professional that I work well with.  This will assure that you take away the doubts about your financial ability to purchase the home.
  2. INCREASE YOUR EARNEST MONEY – If you show your sincerity by increasing the amount of earnest money this will demonstrate you are serious about buying the home. Typically on Texas Hill Country Real Estate most people do 1% earnest money in escrow.  If you increase that to 3% in escrow, that shows the Texas Hill Country home seller that you are very serious.
  3. Work With Seller on Closing Date – If you specify a closing date in the contract you can ask your Realtor to let the seller know you are flexible to meet their closing requirements.
  4. Shorten Your Contingency Periods – If the property purchase is contingent on passing a home inspection our financing, you can ask your Realtor to shorten these times in the contract. This will show the seller that you are motivated to close on the Texas Hill Country property sooner.
  5. No Contingency – If the contingency isn’t important to you, take them out of the contract. Fewer contingencies will mean less to worry about for the seller.
  6. Send a Personal Note – People like to think that what they own is valuable to someone else. If you write a note and include pictures of your family, kids and pets, this will help the seller envision you in the home.
  7. Signatures Can Help – If you take the time to actually sign the offer, this will show that you are serious. Many times with the new e-sign features that are available to realtors, do not convey a personal touch to the seller.

If you offer a fair price for the Texas Hill Country Property and do the things above it will increase your chances of getting the house when there are multiple offers.

You need an experienced Texas Hill Country Realtor.  I serve the Marble Falls, Burnet, Horseshoe Bay, Spicewood, Kingsland, Llano and Lago Vista Real Estate markets.  Give me a call – You will be glad that you did.

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