Escrow and Closing

When you want to buy our sale your home, you may be surprised about how many fees there are and how complex the process is.   The closing process is designed to make sure that everything in the purchase and sale agreement is performed legally per the contract.    The process will also assure that everything is done and there are no surprises when the title is being transferred.

Many times buyers and sellers in the Texas real estate market are surprised and have concerns about all the escrow and closing cost involved in buy or selling their home.  Escrow and closing cost refer to expenses that occur during the process of transfer of title, obtaining a mortgage and inspecting the property.

Closing Cost

  • Title Insurance Premium
  • Realtor Commissions
  • Transfer Charges
  • Assumption Charges
  • Recording Fees
  • Loan Fees
  • Tax Proration’s
  • Insurance
  • Pest Inspections
  • Surveying the Property
  • Home Warranty
  • Home Inspection
  • Appraisals
  • Option Fees
  • Escrow Money – Money held in trust account to insure both parties have “skin in the game”, so to speak.

Escrow Cost

I have heard many complaints about closing and escrow cost, but it is necessary to insure that safety of the home buying process.    Laws now stipulate that Title Company give you an estimated closing statement.   When you buy or sale a home, I suggest you review this so you understand what you are paying for and what you are getting.

If you have any questions regarding the escrow and closing process please contact me at (208)830-7991 or via email at


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