Clear Title and Deed

Clear Title and Deed

Delivering a clear title can be an issue when dealing with divorced or divorcing sellers of a Hill Country home.

It is important for your real estate agent to be absolutely sure that all owners of the home have signed the Seller’s Property Disclosure.

If another legal owner of the home is found on the title, the listing agent should be contacted immediately.

In this situation, the seller does not have a clear title and may cause problems for the buyer.

Buyers should require any divorced or divorcing parties to sign a quitclaim deed before closing – this document relieves uninterested parties of their ownership.

If the deed is not signed before closing, it can allow for unhappy ex-spouses to renegotiate either the divorce or the real estate transaction – this can significantly delay the transaction process.

If you have questions or concerns about delivering or receiving a clear title for your Hill Country home, contact Tom or Debra Ashworthth

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