Cherokee County South Carolina


Bar Kat Mine – this mine is following a rich pyrite vein which was crushed and amalgamated to recover free gold.

Bolin Mine – is a lode gold mine.

Bradley Mine – is located west of Canaan Church.

Darwin Mine – is a lode gold mine.

Dixon Mine – was last worked in 1938, this mine produced primarily copper and lead with gold as a by product.

Eutis Mine – produced copper and lead with gold as a by product.

Hammer Mine – this mine is one of oldest gold mines in the state.

Kennedy Mine – this mine was following some very large and rich quartz veins.

Lockhart Mine – was a lode gold mine.

Love Mine – was a rich producer.

Love Springs Mine – was a lode gold mine.

Lowe Mine – was a lode gold mine.

McGill Mine – followed a rich pyrite vein.

Norris Mine – the mine was a lode gold mine, but around the top of hill, in loose quartz there are nice gold in quartz specimens .

Nott Hill Mine – was a lode mine.

Nuckols Mine – was located close to the Norris and Nott Hill mines.

Palmer Mine – was a lode gold mine.

Southern Gold Mine – this mine is a good producer and for the past few years some production has existed. This mine is primarily copper and lead mine with gold production as a by product.

Wallace Mine – was worked in 1914 and during 1930’s, primarily copper and lead with a gold by product gold.

Wilke Mine – this mine had large rich veins of gold.

Wyatt Mine – was a lode mine.


Beech Creek – this area has placer possibilities.

Branch Creek – this creek has placer possibilities due to the fact that south of the creek there are several prospects and pits that were operated for placer gold.

Broad River – check the area 1 mile west of Smith’s Ford on the Broad River.

Pacolet River – is said to contain placer gold.

Cherokee County North Carolina

Along the Valley River in Cherokee County North Carolina, several years ago, me and my friend Jim Labuz dredged with a 3″ dredge with air. We found some nice gold, but we froze our ass off. We did this in early spring. I would love to go back and try this place again.


Southeast of Marble along the Valley River, in gravel deposits you can find placer gold. Northwest of Marble, in the Snowbird Mountains is the Parker Mine.

Valley River in Cherokee County North Carolina

Valley River in Cherokee County North Carolina


Southeast of Murphy there were numerous mines that produced lode gold. The No. 6 mine is located here.


East of Unaka 1.5 miles, on the road to Murphy, along Beaverdam Creek is some good placer gold.


All regional mountains extending from town 12 to 15 miles to Vengence Creek, along the lower slopes in creek and slope wash gravels is some placer gold. Many area prospects for placer.

Cherokee County Georgia

Near the town of Ball Ground there are many area mines and prospects in exposures of decomposed bedrock. Southeast of town by 7 miles on the Etowah River is the location of the Creighton-Franklin Mine and it had a total production of 50,000 ounces by 1909.

Near the town of Holy Springs, if you go west 1 mile you will find the 301 mine. If you go west 4 miles (adjacent to the Little River) you will find the Cherokee Mine, which was a large producer of lode gold. If you go 2 miles north to the Cherokee Mine you will find the Sixes Mine, which was also a large lode mine.

Etowah River

Placer gold is reported in the Etowah River. Location is unknown.

Little River

Placer gold is reported in the Little River down river from The Sixes Mine.

Reported By: Dan Shannon

The Etowah river south of the Franklin mine. I believe
that Coker Creek also has some color in empties into the
Etowah just down river from several of the Ball Ground
mines. I’ve seen fine gold with a shovel and sluice and
coarse gold when dredging deeper faster water.

I recommend any Georgia prospector become a member of
the GGPA which has 3-5 very nice properties on the
Etowah that all bear gold.

Chelan County Washington

Placer gold was discovered in Chelan County in 1860. Some of the early records are not accurate, but by best estimates Chelan County has produced around 1,565,425 ounces of gold. There were 139 lode mines and 24 placer mines in operation in this county, some still working today.

On the headwaters of Roaring (Raging) Creek, 10 miles west of mouth of Chikamin Creek, is the location of the Allen Magnesium Mine, which produced lode gold.

From the mouth of Nigger Creek, upstream about 2 miles, is the location of the Nigger Creek Placer Mine. Boy I am surprised somebody hasn’t changed the name of that creek. In section 9, T22N R17E, is the location of the Amigo Mine, which produced lode gold.

Along Railroad Creek in sections 16 and 17, T23N, R17E, is the location of the Railroad Creek Placers. In sections 36, at the mouth of Ruby Creek, is the location of the Ruby Creek Placers.

In section 19, T27N, R18E, at the mouth of Deep Creek, is the location of the Deep Creek Placer Mine..

At Horseshoe Basin, accessible from Lake Chelan by road and trail, in the N 1/2 of section 29, T35N R15E, some 13 area lead and silver mines had a by product of gold.


The Blewett district is in the south part of the county at lat. 47 deg. 25 min. N, Long. 120 deg. 40 min. W. It had a total production of 850,900 ounces from 1860-1959. All of the listed mines were in T22N R17E. South of Blewett a few hundred feet, in the SW 1/4 section 1, is the location of the Black and White (Diamond Dick) Mine, which produced free gold with pyrite. West of that by 1,200 feet, in SE 1/4 of section 2, The Peshastin (Blewett, La Rica) Mine, which produced free gold with copper and lead minerals. North 1/4 mile from the Peshastin, on the east side of peshastin Creek, in the SW 1/4 section 1, is the Blue Bell Mine, which produced free gold in pyrite. Along Peshastin Creek, there were many early mines. 1 mile above Nigger Creek, in section 1, the Bloom Placer Mine and the Cook, Crawford, Solita and on the upper reaches of the creek, the Peshastin Creek Placer mine. All were productive. In the Culver Creek area, on the south side, in the SW 1/4 section 2, is the location of the Alta Vista (Pole Pick No. 2) Mine, was a lode gold in pyrite producer. From the head of the gulch west to and across Nigger Creek, in the NE 1/4 section 3, is the location of the Blinn Mine. In the SW 1/4 sectin 2, is the location of the Bobtail Mine. On the north side of the gulch, about 1/2 mile above its junction with Peshastin Creek, is the Gold Eagle Mine. There were many other mines in the area. Also in the adjoining Chiwawa district, there were very many other mines.


The Entiat district is in the east central part of the county, between lat. 47 deg. 40 min. and 48 deg. 00 min. N and long. 120 deg. 10 min. and 120 deg. 45 min. W. It is the largest district in the state, with 790 square miles. It had a total production of around 10,000 ounces. North along the Entiat River, you will find the Entiat placers. Northwest along the Mad River, is the Mad River Placers. In Crum Canyon, a tributary of the Entiat River, in N 1/2 section 36, T26N R20E, is the location of the Rex Mine, which was a major producer of lode gold and silver. 1.5 miles east of the Rex Mine, in SW 1/4, section 25, is the Pangborn Mine, which produced lode gold and silver. About 3 miles up the Entiat River from its mouth, near top to the ridge north of the ridge, T25N R20E, is the Cook-Galbraith Mine, produced free milling gold. If you go West by Northwest 10 miles, in T26N R20E, you will find the Savage Mine. 2 miles further up you will find the Sunset Mine. The Entiat River is said to produce gold and platinum.

Holden or Chelan Lake

The Holden district is located in the northwest part of the county on the east slope of the Cascade Range. The Chelan Lake (Holden, Railroad Creek) districts produced 514,525 ounces of gold. The Holden Mine, is located in section 18 and 19, T31N R17E. It is 13 patented and 78 unpatented claims. It was the states largest producer of gold as a by product of its copper mining.


In the Stehekin district there were many area mines. On Company Creek is the location of the Well Know Mine. At the head of Agnes Creek, is the Goericke Mine. On Maple Creek, is the Lulu Mine. On Flat Creek was the Sunset Mine.


Wenatchee district is located in the Southeast corner of the county and had a total production of around 190,000 ounces. On the west side of Squillchuck Creek, near center of section 22, T22N R20E, is the Golden King Mine. It is the 10th largest lode gold mine in America. In section 3, T22N R20E, is the Wenatchee Placer Mine which was very productive.