Client Tips

Why Should I Fill in a T-47 When I Sell My House?

What is a T-47? The T-47 is a Residential Real Property Affidavit. It’s a notarized document that tells the buyer of your home what you know about the home’s boundaries. Who needs the T-47? The buyer needs this affidavit, and it is used by their lender and title company to figure out whether they are […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 18, 2018

Act fast or lose the opportunity – Interest Rates

Interest rates today are lower than at any time in recent memory, this provides a great opportunity to borrow at low rates, however the current states of affairs are only temporary and it may be in your best interest to act quickly when it comes to home ownership. Consider this; according to a report published […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 16, 2018

Waiting Period After Distressed Sale

“How long do we have to wait to qualify for another mortgage” is the question concerning people who’ve had a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. The loan types for the new loan will differ in amounts of time to heal credit scores based on the event. The following chart is meant to be a general […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 15, 2018

The Tax Differences in Second Homes

A primary house and a second house have some similar advantages; however, they have a few key tax differences. A principal house is the primary residence where you live and a 2nd home is used specially for personal enjoyment at the same time laws limit rental to at most of 14 days in a 12 […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 14, 2018

Case Study – Housing Decision During Retirement

A couple is planning to tour the United States in a travel trailer during their first few years of retirement. They are going to sell their current home now and purchase another home when they finish their travels. An interesting exercise is to determine the optimum time of selling the home: now or when they’re […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 11, 2018

Homeowners Overlooked Record Keeping – Burnet Texas Real Estate

Homeowners Tip of The Day Homeowners are familiar that they can deduct the interest and property taxes from their income tax returns. They also understand that there is a substantial capital gains exclusion for qualified sales of up to $250,000 if single and $500,000 for married filing jointly. However, ongoing recordkeeping tends to be overlooked. […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 10, 2018

Second Guessing Price on Your Hill Country Property

Trust your Hill Country Property Agent or Get a New One! Imagine a homeowner consulting with their Hill Country Property agent about the price to place on their home. The agent suggests that the market data indicates that $200,000 to 210,000 would produce a quick sale by pricing it properly. The owner puts a $210,000 […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 9, 2018

When Burnet Texas Neighbors Don’t Care

Burnet Texas and Good Neighbors A Burnet Texas home that isn’t being maintained like others in the Texas Hill Country can negatively affect your neighborhood appeal and in some cases, even affect Hill Country property values. It might be an overgrown yard, a fence in need of repair, loud noise, out of control pets, poor […]

Tom Ashworth | Jun 7, 2018

Home Repair | Selling Your Home | My Tips To Get the Most For Your Home

“Homes That Sell The Fastest, Also Sell For The Most Money” Do you see that quote above?  Whether you know it or not, it’s true.  Very true!  In this article I will discuss selling your home and why you should use me to sell your home! There’s a little-known dynamic in real estate that can […]

Tom Ashworth | May 7, 2018

Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate | What You Should Know

Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate Decisions are Complicated In this article we will look at “Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate” and try to give you advice before you make a decision. 94% of purchasers last year opted for a fixed-rate mortgage at some of the lowest rates in home buying history.  Yet, some of them […]

Tom Ashworth | May 6, 2018