Before You Call The Repairman…

Before You Call the Repairman

Before You Call the Repairman

Burnet Texas Real Estate market has many homes that I visit that have needed repairs.  This is sad that the repairs were not made prior to listing the home.  In many cases a $100 in repairs, cleaning and staging could have earned the home owner thousands of dollars more on the price of the Burnet Texas Real Estate.  Sometimes it is more than that.

How many times have you paid at least an hour for a service call to find out that it was an easy fix that you could’ve done yourself in your Burnet Texas house.

What a waste of money. We want to help you save money and frustration by suggesting a few tips to try out next time before giving the repair or service guy a call.

If you find that the garbage disposer is not working, first make sure that the reset button (usually located on the bottom of the disposer) has been flipped. Resetting the disposer may fix the problem.

If the blades of the garbage disposer got stuck it may make a sort of humming noise. Once you have turned the garbage disposer OFF, use something other than your hand such as a wooden broom handle to gentle turn the blades.

After you remove the object used to turn the blades, turn the garbage disposer back on and see if the noise has stopped and the blades are turning.

If you have a clogged drain the easiest first attempt to fix it is using a water hose to pressure wash the drain. You may need to turn the hose on full blast, so be prepared to get wet.

Another option for clogged drains are the off the shelf chemical solutions that can be found at most local convenient stores.

If the air conditioner is not working, the most common problem is a blown breaker.

Always check the breaker box from blown breakers and try flipping the breaker off and back on before calling a repair man.

If electrical outlets are not working, the first step is to once again check the breaker box for blown breakers and try turning it off and back on again. Electrical outlets called GFI switches have reset switches on the front of them that can trip and need to be pushed and reset. These GFI switches are usually located in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outdoors.

It is important to remember to try some basic fixes before wasting money on a service call – but it is also important to know what you can and can’t do. Don’t get over your head and get hurt working with electrical outlets and garbage disposers.

As for other kinds of fixes around the house always remember the number one rule – the first thing to try is to turn it off and back on again.

Repairing a home for the market or arranging sale, required repairs can be difficult and expensive.

In the Burnet Texas Real Estate Market it is especially important that you get things fixed prior to listing your home.  Remember you only get 1 chance to make a 1st impression.

Save yourself the money and give it a go yourself before picking up the phone and calling for help. If you do need help with a repair, contact Tom Ashworth at (208) 830-7991 for referrals to excellent and reasonably priced contractors near Burnet Texas Real Estate.

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