Bee Cave, Texas

Bee Cave Texas

Bee Cave Texas

The city of Bee cave is located in Travis County in the state of Texas. The city was inhabited by 3,925 inhabitants according to the 2010 Census.

The original Bee Cave village was formed as a Type-A General Law city with an Alderman-Mayor form of Government. The Village of Bee Cave was officially changed to the City of Bee Cave in 2006. The voters of the city approved the new Home Rule Charter in February, 2013. The operation of the City government is overseen by policies made by the elected City Council. The City Manager, appointed by the Council functions as the administrative head of the City. The Council has six members these include a Mayor and five Council members. The Council elections are held annually on the first Saturday of May and the members are elected to a two years staggered term.

Geography of Bee Cave

The co-ordinates for the city are: 30°18′20″N 97°57′08″W. Austin city is located about 12 miles to the west in the Western Travis County.

The city spans an area of 2.6 sq. miles and all of it is land (Source: U.S. Census).

Education in Bee Cave

Bee Cave Hamilton Pool

Bee Cave Hamilton Pool

Students in the City attend schools in the Lake Travis Independent School District. There are three elementary schools in the area: Bee Cave Elementary School, Pointe School Elementary School in an unincorporated area and Lake Elementary School in Lakeway. Older students attend Lake Travis Middle School and Lake Travis High School both of which are built on unincorporated areas.


The headquarters of the American Campus Communities are situated in Buildings S and T in the Hill County Galleria shopping development in Bee Cave city. The company offices were supposed to open there in December 2010.

In Pop Culture

The spin-off literature for the popular multiplayer shooter video game “Team Fortress 2” lists “the Engineer” a character who dons a hat cap and is an expert in laying murderous traps as a native of Bee Cave.

The Texas Legislature, in 2007 passed a resolution declaring Bee Cave as the location for the West Pole of Earth.


The Police department in the city of Bee Cave has 12 officers. The Police patrols the Bee Cave under the command of the current Police Chief.


The population of Bee Cave city was reported to be 656 in 2000 Census which grew to 3,935 in 2010 Census and was estimated to be 5,125 in 2013.

The Median Household Income in Bee Cave is as follows:

Total households 3,998 +/-180 3,998 (X)
Less than $10,000 76 +/-52 1.9% +/-1.3
$10,000 to $14,999 34 +/-32 0.9% +/-0.8
$15,000 to $24,999 83 +/-43 2.1% +/-1.1
$25,000 to $34,999 114 +/-54 2.9% +/-1.4
$35,000 to $49,999 257 +/-96 6.4% +/-2.4
$50,000 to $74,999 544 +/-127 13.6% +/-3.0
$75,000 to $99,999 526 +/-132 13.2% +/-3.2
$100,000 to $149,999 758 +/-151 19.0% +/-3.9
$150,000 to $199,999 620 +/-152 15.5% +/-3.7
$200,000 or more 986 +/-140 24.7% +/-3.3
Median household income (dollars) 121,522 +/-15,352 (X) (X)


History of Bee Cave city

Bee Cave Hamilton Pool

Bee Cave Hamilton Pool

The city was named by the early settlers after the large cave of wild bees in the area. The first post office in the area opened in 1870 and was named Bee Caves Post Office.

The city has a rich tradition. The area was inhabited and built by people who did not want to live under the influence of “big city” government, and that has been the allure of the city for over 140 years. In 1850’s Dietrich Bohls shifted from Austin to the confluence of Barton Creek and Little Barton Creek to set up a home as he considered Austin city to be too crowded and a bad influence on his family. In 1850’s the area still had roaming Indians. The Bohls family was one of the first to settle the area known as Bee Cave now. The Area got its name from the Mexican honeybee colonies between the banks of Barton Creek and Little Barton Creek in the Western Travis County. In 1987 the administration of the City had its beginning in a small nondescript building. The city covers an area of 2 sq. miles and has 8000-acres of land under extraterritorial jurisdiction

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